ASE Group specializes in the field of industrial safety and explosion protection. We offer comprehensive
solutions for the industry. The structure of the Group is formed by business units with Polish capital: ASE
Integrator, ASE Expert, Biproraf and Projmors. The strength of ASE Group is a young, firm and qualified
team of engineers (currently employs around 200 engineers).

Areas of all business units complement each other,allowing our partners to provide comprehensive coverage.

The ASE Safety Academy is a coherent and comprehensive system of specialized and certified training in the field of explosion prevention developed by experienced experts-practitioners associated with Automatic Systems Engineering - the Polish leader in explosion safety.

Regardless of the prescriptions of the law, specialist training of staff is necessary for the safety of people, the entire plant as well as a proper and smooth operation of the production process.

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Why do you need safety training courses

Safety of people and plant, correct operation of the process.

Analyses of failures and industrial disasters clearly indicate that their most common cause are limitations
in knowledge of personnel operating the production process.


ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC requires:
The employer must provide those working in places where explosive atmospheres may occur with
sufficient and appropriate training with regard to explosion protection.

IEC international standard IEC 60079-17:2013 Explosive atmospheres - Part 17: Electrical installations
inspection and maintenance recommends:
The inspection and maintenance of installations shall be carried out only by experienced personnel,
whose training has included instruction on the various types of protection and installation
practices, the requirements of this standard, the relevant national regulations/company rules applicable
to the installation and on the general principles of area classification. Appropriate continuing
education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis. Evidence of the
relevant experience and training claimed shall be available.

Who needs the training?

Training offered by the ASE Safety Academy is addressed to staff of various ranks and specialities:

systems users
working in potentially explosive areas,


employees of companies
that implement systems

equipment suppliers

responsible for safety and safety management.

ASE EXPERT provides analysis and expert evaluation, training and competence in the field of industrial safety.

  • Hazard and risk analysis
    PHA - preliminary hazard analysis, useful especially at the concept stage, HAZOP - hazard and operability study, LOPA - layer of protection analysis, FTA - fault tree analysis, RBD - reliability block diagram, FMEA/FMECA - failure mode, effects and criticality analysis.
  • ATEX
    ATEX audit, Explosion Risk Assessment, Explosion Risk Analysis, Explosion Protection Document, Equipment Operating Manual for Ex Zones, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Safety Manual, opinions.
  • Functional Safety
    identification of hazards (including PHA, HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, FMEA, FTA) and defining the safety-related functions, determining the SIL requirements for safety functions, determining safety requirements specifications (SRS), supporting the safety automation system design process, in accordance with the functional safety requirements, SIL verification of systems that perform safety functions, in accordance with the requirements of functional safety standards (i.e., taking into account not only the reliability factors, but also the architectural limitations and the ability to avoid systematic errors).
  • Fire protection, occupational health and safety
    Fire safety instructions, Audit / Opinions.
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IECEx Recognised Training Provider

IECEx recommends training with the ASE Safety Academy

The IECEx international certification program is a response to the globalisation trends in industry.
It facilitates the free flow of goods and services, while maintaining a high level of explosion safety.

IECEx recommends the ASE Safety Academy, acknowledging it as an IECEx Recognised Training Provider. The international verification body recognised that during the training courses held at the ASE Safety Academy the participants receive the knowledge necessary to obtain the IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence.

The ASE Safety Academy runs the following training programs that meet the IECEx competence

  • Unit 000 – Basic knowledge and awareness to enter a site that includes a classified hazardous area
  • Unit 001 – Apply basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres
  • Unit 002 – Perform classification of hazardous area
  • Unit 004 – Maintain equipment in explosive atmospheres

Unlimited access training courses or training courses at your plant

There are two types of training courses available to your plant’s employees:

  • An unlimited access training course is held at a venue and date selected by ASE, it is open to employees of various companies at the same time.
  • A limited access training course is organised solely for your employees, at your plant.

Certificate pattern


After passing a test verifying the understanding of the presented material, each of the course participants will receive a personal certificate of course completion in the Polish and English languages. The certificate confirms employee qualifications as specified in the ATEX Directive and IEC 60079-17 standard.

Certification of ASE Safety Academy training

Trainings of the ASE Safety Academy, in addition to IECEx certification, are covered by quality certification as part of the ISO 9000:2008 quality management system by Bureau Veritas and certification by the SITP Fire Service Certification Center.

Rafał Frączek

Head of Technical Analysis Department, experienced trainer and expert, CFSE Governance Board Certified Specialist in functional safety CFSP 160 113 005, Certified Functional Safety Expert UDT-CERT / B FUNK / I / 120/15.

Tomasz Barnert

PhD Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation (Domain: Automation and Robotics, specialization: Functional safety). Project Manager R & D.

Tutor of ASE Safety Academy

Andrzej Wolski

Edward Pęcak

Tutors of ASE Safety Academy


Training Coordinator of ASE Safety Academy

Grzegorz Kulczykowski
tel. +48 58 520 77 39
mob. +48 601 480 291


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