Introduction to functional safety and cyber security management


This  management briefing is designed to provide the key requirements for the management of security in the context of an Asset Owner and corresponding expectations from the supply chain. It will provide the essential awareness and appreciation requirements for Asset Owner senior managers/engineers regarding industry expectations for the successful management of security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).
The briefing will provide ample opportunity for discussion and review with respect to the management compliance challenges faced by delegates attending the briefing.


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The briefing is intended to be informative on key management requirements from an Asset Owners perspective and the corresponding Safety & Cyber security lifecycle deliverables. It will be used as a vehicle to stimulate questions and queries relating to the Asset Owners scope within the Process Industries for automation systems.
It will be appropriate for all management staff who require a general briefing & awareness to the relevant industry standards and the key requirements for IACS security management and compliance.


Part I. Introduction to functional safety management (2,5 h) – tutor: Tomasz Barnert

  • Functional safety assessment procedure (SIL determination)
  • Requirements of the safety function
  • Functional safety assessment

Part II. Overview of the Security key requirements for IACS: (3h) – tutor:Rafal Selega

  • Background on the need for robust cyber security management
  • Brief recap on regulations and standards and industry expectations
  • Security management requirements and expectations
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to integrate cybersecurity into the functional safety lifecycle
  • Guidance on how to implement, operate, and maintain system security


Tomasz Barnert, Rafał Selega


ASE Safety Academy Training Center, Narwicka 6 Street, Gdansk, Poland


6 godzin


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Introduction to functional safety and cyber security management

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